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Replica Hengstler Counter and M-38 Scope Set

Replica Hengstler Counter and M-38 Scope Set

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Eagle Hengstler Counter:

Assembled reproduction counter for the E11 blaster. Inner and rear housing both cast in zinc like the real ones. Inner box electroplated zinc. Customizable counter that you can set your ID number in. Includes 3d printed coil assembly with wires and cloth eagle sticker. Real vintage plug, screw included. 

M-38 Scope:

Reproduced fan made replica from an original 1942 Sherman M38 scope. This fully finished aluminum replica has been assembled , painted and weathered to look screen accurate. Perfect for your e11 blaster build. The scope has a more realistic feel and weight than a plastic version and is non functional with a polycarbonate clear lens and screen accurate crosshairs.  Features threaded feet allowing for the attachment to your blaster sight rail. The front engraving is true to the original . This scope is custom hand painted and weathered and may very slightly from the picture.

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