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White 2 Inch Wide Hook & Loop 5 Yard Self Adhesive Industrial Strength

White 2 Inch Wide Hook & Loop 5 Yard Self Adhesive Industrial Strength

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2" Hook and Loop 5 yard self adhesive tape (contains both sides as a complete set 10 yards).

Heavy Duty Self Adhesive White Hook and Loop Sticky Back Tape Fastener

Heavy duty self-adhesive hook and loop is perfect for fastening with its simple peel and stick application. It boasts a 2 inch wide hook and loop tape which is simple to use and very versatile. It sticks to glass, plastics, wood and other flat, clean surfaces. It makes the perfect at-home and office supply for organization, clean-up, fastening, picture hanging, and much more.

Best Purchased for a Variety of Uses:

It works great for home use such as for computer cords, cables, fishing rods, and general organization. The hook and loop tape works great for office use for general office and desk organization and help with storage. It can also be used for garage use or for crafting! Because it is water resistant, it can be used outdoors as well. Stick it to any clean, flat surface needed! The self-adhesive hook and loop sticky back tape can be fastened to any wood, glass, or plastic.

The Specifications:

The tape is 2 inch wide with 5 yards of loop and 15 feet long on each side with hook and loop straps. The hook and loops grab on well to the surface and the adhesive on the back of the hook and loop holds to whatever item, whether it be a wallboard, a picture frame, or a handful of cables. Use it for mounting, hanging, organizing,and securing and never worry about the durability and strength of the product. Simply peel and begin the application. Plus, the adhesion tests up to 130 degrees!

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